July 2010

July 1, 2010

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LA Web Professionals Group July 2010 Meeting - Photoshop CS5 From Concept to Creation with Stephen Burns "From Concept to Creation" by Stephen Burns (www.chromeallusion.com) One of the blessings and sometimes curses of being an artist is that we have a innate drive to create. It is my belief that for artists it is a true need. Our minds are unique in that way because we are always trying to find some concept to visually share with the world. Every artist has their preferred medium so why do we chose digital as our platform to create? I believe it's because the computer gives us the capability to create using all creative traditions like Photography, Painting, Compositing and 3D to name a few. In my presentation we are going to continue the venture of being artists by learning how to blend Photography, Painting, and 3D into a single unique vision. Although I will address technique, this presentation will go beyond the technical toward the creative spirit. About Stephen Burns: Stephen Burns (www.sdphotoshopusers.com) is the president Of The San Diego Photoshop Users Group (www.sdphotoshopusers.com) and most recent instructor to the Light Photo Workshops (www.lightworkshops.com). He has written the following books: Author of "Photoshop CS5 Trickery & FX" (Soon to be released) Author of "The Art Of Poser 8 Pro & Photoshop CS5" (Soon to be released) Author of "The Art Of Poser & Photoshop" Author of "Advanced Photoshop CS4 Trickery & FX" Author of "Advanced Photoshop CS3 Trickery & FX" Author of "Advanced Photoshop CS2 Trickery & FX" Author of "Photoshop CS Trickery & FX" He has discovered the same passion for the digital medium as he has for photography as an art form. His background began as a photographer 28 year ago and in time, progressed toward the digital medium. His artistic influences include the great Abstractionists & the Surrealists including Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Mark Tobey, and Lenore Fini, to name a few. Stephen Burns has been a corporate instructor and lecturer in the application of digital art and design for the past 12 years. He has been exhibiting digital fine art internationally at galleries such as Durban Art Museum in South Africa, Citizens Gallery in Yokahama, Japan, and CECUT Museum Of Mexico to name a few. Part of his exhibiting won him 1st place in the prestigious Seybold International digital arts contest. He teaches Digital Manipulation Workshops in the San Diego and is an instructor on http://training.xtrain.com/faculty/show/Stephen+Burns . You will often see him as an instructor at Siggraph 2010 (www.Siggraph.org) in Los Angeles.