Compositing Secrets of the Pros featuring Dennis Dunbar

Compositing Secrets of the Pros featuring Dennis Dunbar

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Tuesday July 7, 2015 6:30 – 9:45 PM

Location: Art Institute 2900 31st Street Santa Monica, CA 90405


In this workshop Dennis shares many of the techniques he uses to make complex composite images from Movie Posters to LifeStyle and Product shots.

Whether it’s combining many elements or dramatically re-working a single shot Dennis will show how the same techniques apply. He’ll cover the various challenges that face those who would tackle such tasks such as: Masking, Color Correction, Blending, and matching Noise or Grain.

Dennis will discuss several ways to create a professional quality mask as well as how to check to make sure your mask is working the way it should. He’ll delve into Color Correction using Curves and how to simplify your Layers using Clipping Groups. Then he’ll show you how to blend disparate images making them look as if they all belong together through the use of Depth of Field, adjusting the density and color as well as other techniques for matching the Noise or Grain of the various elements.

Speaker Bio: Dennis Dunbar

As the guy who adds the Photoshop Magic to movie posters and high end ad campaigns Dennis loves working on beautiful images and helping his clients to realize their vision.

For over 20 years he has been working with top Photographers and Art Directors to create compelling images for the Advertising and Entertainment industries. With projects ranging from posters for top movies to national ad campaigns for major clients his approach as a collaborator is to make it easy for his clients to realize their vision in creating the finished art.

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