Growth Hacking Tips, Tricks and Techniques: How to make it to the first page of Google with Growth Hacking featuring Sam Rizzi

Growth Hacking Tips, Tricks and Techniques: How to make it to the first page of Google with Growth Hacking featuring Sam Rizzi

When: Thursday July 25, 2019, 6:50 PM-9:10 PM

Where: Amazing Location in Beverly Hills to be revealed upon registration.

In this seminar Sam will show practical Growth Hacking techniques that are low-cost but high-impact and long lasting, and which will give your business a boost. If you are not satisfied with your SEO efforts or it’s getting too expensive for you to run Google or Facebook ads campaign then you’ll learn some new non-traditional marketing ways with proven results.

No matter what stage you are of your business or your level of experience, you will walk away with ideas you can use to grow more quickly, and to get your creative juices flowing.

Topics will include

Finding what your target audience search
How to dissect the Google result
Ways to get on the first page of Google
How to connect with influencers in your industry?
How to convince influencers to promote you?

Sam will show some real-world examples and will leave plenty of time to address your questions.

Speaker Bio: Sam Rizzi

For over 15 years Sam has been part of IT and Web Development industry. He started his first IT consulting company in New York when he was 21.

Soon after trying to build a website for his own company he fell in love with web design and started freelancing as a web designer. He realized that the real money was in e-commerce websites so he learned to create ecommerce with Prestashop. Soon after, partnered with a local jewelry store and launched his first ecommerce shop to dropship jewelry within USA and outside. Later he went on launching, an online printing business in New York with a close friend.

Sam first went to school majoring in Architecture and later Communication Design, but wasn’t able to graduate due to personal reasons. Both the times he left learning various different design disciplines such as color, typography, use of space, etc. that he would later apply to his future projects.

Now he continues to invest in himself by taking high-value bootcamps and certifications. Recently Sam completed 1yr of SAAS academy program with Dan Martell ( An exclusive business coaching program for a founders to scale their business. Before that he went to Product School (, the 1st tech business school offering Product Management. Among several other bootcamps he took worth mentioning is the oncampus Design Thinking at D.School (Standford), Entrepreneurship 101 with edX (Founded by Harvard & MIT) and Lean Product with Dan Oslen ( 

He is also a UI/UX designer with a photoshop certification under his belt. 

Almost 7 years ago he moved to Silicon Valley and since then focused on building a SaaS business around digital markets. After several failed attempts, in 2017 after partnering up with a rockstar WordPress developer he formed Cridio Studio ( and launched ListingPro ( which quickly became the number one best-selling WordPress directory solution, and now with over 10,000 users from over 200+ countries.

He is also very passionate about helping entrepreneurs, startups optimizing landing pages for high-conversion, and also offers free tools to help at

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