The Lazarus Effect How to Undo an Out of Focus Photograph & Advanced Simplicity: Two Tool Photoshop featuring Vincent Versace

The Lazarus Effect How to Undo an Out of Focus Photograph & Advanced Simplicity: Two Tool Photoshop featuring Vincent Versace

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Tuesday February 9, 2016 6:30 – 10:00 PM at Art Institute 2900 31st Street Santa Monica, CA 90405 


The Lazarus Effect How to Undo an Out of Focus Photograph

It’s not always possible to get tack sharp photographs straight from your camera. This presentation is for anyone who has taken an image where the focus was a bit “off,” whether you tried to photograph a waterfall, and regardless of your exposure and how carefully you set up your tripod, the focus was too soft, or you shot images you know were in focus, but due to the type of sensor or how the RAW file was processed, the sharpness you expected the lens to deliver is missing. In this presentation , you will not only learn how to bring detail back from both landscape and portrait images, with the over arcing goal being to present a new way of thinking about your images as well as a different approach to seeing and creating. 

Advanced Simplicity: Two Tool Photoshop. “make thins as simple as possible and no simpler.” Albert Einstein 

Frequently it seems people fear Photoshop more than they fear sharks. It’s scary because there is soooo much that it does and like a deer in the headlights we paralyze ourselves. The bottom line is it’s the artist that defines the final work not the tool that is used to shape it. With just two tools, an Adjustment layer and the brush tool. This class will explore how to use Photoshop in such a way even a cavemen could do it.


Speaker Bio:

Vincent Versace is an internationally recognized pioneer in the art and science of digital photography. His passion for natural light photography is manifest not only in his work but also through his role as a creative and technical leader, contributing to innovative breakthroughs across the entire digital image value chain.

Vincent is one of Nikon’s 16 founding Nikon Ambassadors and is a recipient of the Computerworld Smithsonian Award in Media Arts & Entertainment and the Shellenberg fine art award. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American History. He is the photographer of Immediate Assistants Medical Rescue Go Team. He was commissioned by the San Francisco Presidio Trust to create a body of photographic work to permanently capture this National Park and Historic Landmark.

Vincent’s work has been highlighted in American Photo, Popular Photography, The New York Times, Shutterbug, Outdoor Photographer, Pro Digital Imaging, PDN, What Digital Camera, Petersen’s Photographic, PC Camera, Studio Design and Photography, Professional Photographer, Digital Imaging and many more. Nominated multiple times to the Photoshop Hall of Fame, Vincent has been recognized by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals through the creation of the Vincent Versace Award for Digital Photography Excellence. The “Vinnie” is a special category of the Photoshop Guru Awards, considered one of the most prestigious and coveted awards in the international digital imaging industry.

He is the author of the best selling books From Oz to Kansas: Almost Every Black & White Technique Known to Mankind and Welcome to Oz 2.0: A Cinematic Approach to Digital Still Photography with Photoshop . His book, Welcome to Oz has been selected as Shutterbug Magazine’s best how-to book of the year. Vincent was the original host of the Epson Print Academy and is a member of the Epson Stylus Pros. He is also a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, an Xrite Colorotti, Lexar Elite Photographer, Team NiK Elite Photographer, an American Photo Magazine Mentor Trek and Master Class instructor and a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals Instructor Dream Team. He teaches regularly at Photoshop World, B&H, the FBI, US Navy Combat Camera, US Coast Guard, Maine Media Workshops and Palm Beach Photographic Workshops.

Vincent’s passion for photography dates back more than four decades when, at the age of seven, his wedding-photographer uncle introduced him to the magic of the darkroom. Within two years, he had sold his first photo. Within ten, he had booked his first professional assignment. Today, based in Los Angeles, he divides his time between commercial and fine art photography assignments, teaching, and consulting for such suppliers as Nikon, Epson, Nik, OnOne, X-Rite, Adobe, Westcott and others.


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