Using Photoshop To Be Creative featuring Stephen Burns + Behance Portfolio Reviews

Using Photoshop To Be Creative featuring Stephen Burns + Behance Portfolio Reviews

Monday May 9th, 2015 6:30 PM – 9:45 PM New Venue: IndieDesk 333 S. Grand Ave Suite 450 Los Angeles, CA 90071


Stephen shows how to create work that goes beyond the imagination using a variety of approaches in Photoshop. Since Photoshop has embraced 3D, painting and photography you will learn how to integrate all of those traditions to create something that is unique to your imagination. Stephen demonstrates approaches that can be applied to both commercial and fine art applications. You will gain an understanding of how Photoshop functions so that you can create more intuitively. Stephen will not only share with you his particular workflow but why he chooses to create the way he does. Come and be a part of this adventure.

Concepts include:
– Defining the concept and composing it .
– Better Layer organization for your expressive concept.
– Effective use of Smart Objects from an artist point of view.
– When to effectively apply layer masks to layer groups.
– Taking a look at the creative use of the layer blend modes.
– Understanding the power of Clipping paths.


Please submit your portfolio link to: lawebprofessionalsgroup at gmail dot com  with subject line ‘portfolio’. Presentation reviews are first come first serve; if time permits, attendees will have an opportunity to have work reviewed as well.


A meetup event of the LA Web Professionals Group, Los Angeles Web Design company DK Interactive Design and Daniel Kramer Mac Consulting

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