December 2010 Meeting

LA Web Professionals Group December 2010 Meeting –

Future-proof Your Web Design Business with Author and Video Trainer Janine Warner – In this two-part program, Janine will explore ways to promote your self, your business, and your clients, and then introduce you to the latest in how to design for the mobile Web.

Part 1: Selling Yourself (and your work) Online
From Social Media to Google Checkout to SEO, discover how to attract a bigger audience and make money with your business online. Filled with real-world success stories, best-selling author Janine Warner takes you on a tour of some of the smartest, easiest, and most financially rewarding ways to grow your business on the Web today.

Part 2: Mobile Web Design: Do HTML5 and CSS3 Live up to the hype?
Every creative director has an iPad or iPhone these days. How does your web site hold up? Does it look great on the latest devices? Is it broken, or worse, invisible? Janine Warner, author of Mobile Web Design For Dummies and now iPad & iPhone Web Design For Dummies, shares her top tips for building a high-end design that adapts itself to the smallest‚ and largest‚ screens in the growing mobile market. Everyone‚ buzzing about the latest in Web design technologies, but are really ready for prime time? Find out why the new design options offered by HTML5 and CSS3 are so exciting and which features you can safely put to use right away.

We had our book exchange and potluck.

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