Small Biz Marketing + Modern Web Design + WordPress + Muse

Small Biz Marketing +
Modern Web Design + WordPress + Muse

Wednesday November 9, 2016 | 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
New Venue: Rec Room at 9049 Alcott Street, Los Angeles, CA 90035

Spark Your Small Biz Marketing in 20 Minutes with Anissa Thompson

We wanna guide you in our world where Adobe Muse meets WordPress to give web designers a mighty and intuitive tool. A focus on our MusexPress CMS will show what it means to merge Adobe Muse (that allows to design sophisticated and responsive layouts) with WordPress (enabling you to manage contents with surprising ease and safety). You’re gonna discover how it is easy to use our CMS for Adobe Muse and how many functions you can get to make Muse even more complete and dynamic. We’ll also introduce a new widget category (which we started with our “Absolute Muse Menu”) to allow creating advanced layouts with the Muse native tools.
For the most part, the session will be focused on the MusexPress CMS. Tullio Luongo (MuseGain CEO and founder) and Umberto Russo (Musegain Chief Software developer) will show how to install MusexPress on a premade template and will provide an overview on the main features of the CMS and its addons. Andrea Maiolo will then speak about some of our Muse widgets.

Speaker Bios:

Anissa Barton-Thompson, a social media specialist, instructor/trainer and award-winning web developer/designer, has been involved in the field of Computers and Internet Technology for over 25 years. As an adjunct faculty member, she has taught at California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) since 1995, and is the developer of the Web Design Certificate Program there; she also holds certifications in Front-end Web Development, Social Media Branding/Marketing, Instructional Design, and Internet Business and Marketing. She is an Adobe User Group Manager (UGM), and an Adobe Certified Professional and Dreamweaver Expert, and actively contributes to the development of Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications. She is the co-manager of LA Web Professionals Group; a member of African American Women in Technology; and a Tech Lead Instructor for BlackGirlsCODE. In addition, Anissa is also a Google Apps Administrator, and a published photographer.
Tullio Luongo is the CEO and founder of, the first and unique italian store for Adobe Muse, recommended by Adobe in their “resources” section (
In just two years  the store now has over 25.000 satisfied subscribers doing 120.000 sessions a month. A loyal Adobe Muse user for years, Tullio uses his passion to find out what will make designer’s life easier. Together with his team (a group of 7s who share the same passion for their job) he works endlessly to create innovative products lined up with customer demands both from a design and a technical perspective. His slogan? Never be content, everything can be improved!
Umberto Russo. With his ten years experience working as a full stack web developer specialising in web app and system integration, Umberto is now the Chief Software Developer of He was only a young boy when he started writing his own code and now has established experience in web solutions, e-commerce and physical computing.
Andrea Maiolo is the youngest member of the Musegain team. A computer engineering student and full stack web developer, he has worked as a web application developer using Laravel as a PHP Framework mostly. For about one year he has been working as a Muse widget developer at and has contributed to the development of MusexPress.


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